Friday, 19 May 2017

Hi Little Caliph


Alhamdulillah Allah had grant me and my husband insyaAllah soon additional to the family. Little caliph is on his/her way into this world. 14weeks plus. May Allah protect our baby and mother as well and may He grant us good health and ease everything for us InsyaAllah Ameen.

How am i feeling? Happy? Excited? well Alhamdulillah. But its more towards scared. Not actually about the delivery part but more towards 'will i be able to raise Little Caliph well with enough education of this world and the hereafter'. 

Little caliph is an amanah / responsibility from our Creator Allah SWT. Little caliph will be one of the 'investments' for me and spouse whether we would end up being in Jannah or the opposite. That is what im concerned more.

Well in the beginning there were some complication. Threatened miscarriage. So the reason why i wanted to do this post is hoping that when whoever would read this post would make little prayer for the baby and me as well. Hoping that both of us are being granted with good health and may the baby be fine and healthy. That's all im asking for. And also because i miss blogging! 

Since i got married, i kinda had lost my passion for writing. Nooooo idea why. Perhaps the journey of Little Caliph would help me to dig up my passion to write more in the future insyaAllah. I think that's pretty much it that i wanted to write for this time.

Please make dua for us. May Allah repay ur kindness and grant ur wishes insyaAllah,

Allah knows best.

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